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Nathan Reedy - Senior Designer & Online Business Consultant

Biography - The Beginning
I think it is important to put a face to a name. Hello, I am Nathan Reedy and I am the owner of Dynamic Innovations Inc. DIInc. was created in 2003 in what I would say was a creative yet naive sense of "taking action". I basically put the cart before the horse with thinking I had the slightest inclination of what it was like to build a business. But I persevered...

7 Years Later - 2010
Things where tough for awhile, I considered it going to the "school of hard knocks". Since then I have made dramatic strides in building my company and making connections with some of the best online website developers and media creators. Though painful at times, building this company has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my life. I love when a project for a client comes out and exceeds their expectations. I have finally found a career that I love and see myself building for a long time to come. My ultimate goal is to make my customers' visions come true while providing superior customer service and a razor sharp awareness for detail. Thank you for choosing us, and know that we are looking forward to collaborating on your next project.

- Specific Skills & Services Offered by DIInc. -
I believe integrity is important and when you purchase a service, you are not just buying the end result, You are also buyiong the person and their integrity to provide quality and superior service. When you do business with DIInc., we invest ourselves both professionally and personally to provide the best product and overall service experience. We are proficient in developing for all languages of HTML for implementation into .ASP, .ASPX, .PHP,. XHTML, etc. We are fully aware of the transitions the web is making to CSS and its implementations into stunning and creative design. We provide a wide array of Flash design, from banners and online movies to full Flash Websites. Static websites for performers by our sister company Dynamic Demo Reels who also handle video production, and editing. Also, handling the implementation of Quicktime and Windows Media files on the internet. We can produce your online commercials and animations, as well as training videos to orient new staff hires or to familiarize your staff with important changing policies affecting your business. Consider us your "Go-To Guru" for all of your web development, social networking, and media creation needs.

- My Design Portfolio. -
My design portfolio has been growing by leaps and bounds. It is changeing so fast I can hardly keep up. Check back often as this section will grow.
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